Viewpoint Diversity in Tech:
Reality or Myth?


Diversity is an ongoing and public priority within Silicon Valley. Yet anecdotal evidence suggests some viewpoints are unwelcome in tech firms. Are these claims of bias simply sour grapes, or are they rooted in an unspoken truth? We aim to uncover the reality.


Why have we asked you to participate?
We want to understand viewpoint diversity in Silicon Valley, using a fact-based approach. We are collecting as much quality information as possible. Most of the data we’ve seen is anecdotal. It’s hard to understand whether particular viewpoints are being suppressed, leading to widespread discontent, or whether the anecdotes simply come from a vocal minority.

If diversity is the goal, it should be embraced in all forms. Since Silicon Valley prioritizes diversity, we want to know whether it’s meeting its stated goal. Analytics drive nearly every technical decision in the Valley. We believe they should also inform diversity analyses.

While Lincoln certainly has preferred policy positions, more information creates better outcomes. We have hypotheses about the results as most diligent researchers do, but we are open to the possibility we may be wrong -- and we will report as such. Our focus is on the truth, not political expedience.

Who can take the survey?
The survey is open to any individual employed by a Silicon Valley tech firm. You will need a valid company email address to verify your affiliation -- however, you will be able to enter an alternative, non-company email address to maintain anonymity, if you so choose. Responses are held in strict confidence, removed from your email address.

We want individuals from all backgrounds to participate. We want to understand the true scope of perceptions within Silicon Valley, and this requires the participation of as wide a pool as possible.

What will be done with the results?
Your responses will be aggregated and reported in both long-form and short-form pieces. No individual responses will be shared, unless a survey taker gives us his or her permission. We are soliciting important qualitative elements, but we understand if respondents want their experiences and stories to be for background only. Anonymity is a priority for us.

How long will the survey be open?
The survey will run from December 7 through December 31.

What if I have stories to share beyond filling out the survey?
We want to hear from you! In addition to the formal survey, we plan to host qualitative interviews with volunteer subjects. You will have the opportunity to submit your name at the end of the survey, or you can reach out to us at

Each interview will last around 30 minutes. We want to hear your experiences with viewpoint diversity in tech. You can be interviewed either on or off the record. Your statements, subject to your permission, may be used as non-attributable background or quotable elements.

Will I get in trouble for filling out the survey?
We sincerely hope not. We believe tech firms want to understand the true data as much as we do. As such, we believe they would be supportive of this endeavor.