The Future of Free Speech Online

Galvanize Townhall - 5th Floor, San Francisco


In our system of government, our First Amendment rights are not unlimited when it comes to private companies and platforms. Yet, as our speech increasingly becomes digital, we’re faced with a multitude of new layers that can censor, moderate or object to the content of that speech. From issues of deplatforming, to filtering, to the concentration of power among a few large platforms, some increasingly fear that free speech itself is under threat. Will the future continue the trend of concentration and centralization, or will the pendulum swing back from the cathedral of big tech to the bazaar of the decentralized web?

Our expert panel will explore these issues and more, covering the balance and the boundaries of free speech.


Ryan Radia

Senior Policy Counsel

Galen Wolfe-Pauly

CEO and Co-Founder of Tlon

Doug Kramer

General Counsel at Cloudflare

Alex Feerst

Head of Legal at Medium

Antonio García Martínez

Writer at Wired and author of Chaos Monkeys

Riva-Melissa Tez