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lincoln network

The umbrella organization over Studio, Deployed and Policy seeking to bridge the gap between innovators and policymakers for a freer and more abundant future.

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lincoln studio

A product studio that partners with donors to create new technology products to solve policy and social problems. The liberty skunkworks.

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lincoln deployed

A full-service digital agency that specializes in product strategy, design, and software engineering, for customers that align with our mission.

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lincoln policy

A boutique think tank that works with policymakers and tech innovators to promote market-oriented ideas to stengthen American innovation.

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Get a digital campaign blueprint for tech-driven organizations


If organizations don’t embrace a digital and analytics oriented strategy, their respective issue or candidate will be left behind. The rest of the world has moved on and are retraining their minds to adopt ideas far differently than before. What worked a few cycles ago (or sometimes even last year) is increasingly irrelevant to make new inroads and cause people to take action. The future resides in the hands of those who embrace new strategies.

This guide is written for those who may want to work on political campaigns, consultants who will assist these campaigns and the media who will be covering these campaigns. We will layout a general rule of thumb for the basic structure of how an issue advocacy organization should utilize technology within their organization.

In this whitepaper, you'll learn

  • How to adopt and build your team into a technologically competent advocacy organization
  • How to bridge between empiricists and the old guard for modern campaigns
  • A specific guide to structuring a campaign (broken out by size) to seriously utilize and leverage technology, data, and analytics

The Future is a Digital and Analytics Oriented Strategy

Technology is of increasing importance to modern advocacy organizations. The private sector has adjusted to the innovations out of Silicon Valley but the public and political sectors still lag behind. Today, most of these efforts can’t compete effectively unless they structure a campaign to seriously utilize and leverage technology, data, and analytics.

Create a structure and process that engenders a good digital team
Know how to structure organization from Day 1. Learn how to build a technology team for any size issue, cause, or campaign.

Hiring tips to create an all-star team

Finding the right team is really hard for any technology organization. With this guide, you will build an organization that is more likely to attract the right talent needed for the job.

Avoid the most common and often repeated pitfalls

Don't fall for the same mistakes that other teams have done. Learn their hard lessons and create a stronger team.

Learn from the best minds in technology and be apart of the conversation

At Lincoln Network, we are trying to do something transformative: bringing transparency to the best practices to make stuff work. Built on a foundation of socratic principles, we want to fix problems and implement the best practices, regardless where the ideas come from. Its the Silicon Valley way.

Make an impact and deliver higher ROI with your digital team

There is always so much to do and too little time. Prioritizing resources is the most important thing to be successful. With this guide, we will discuss and show you what is most important and why. We will steer you away from low ROI projects.

Get your copy of the whitepaper Digital Campaign Guide: A Blueprint For A Tech-Driven Organization now