See how to leverage Microsoft data and analytics tools to gain the edge in a political campaign


In order for modern campaigns to be effective, they need to take advantage of the vast amounts of data available today. Traditionally, adoption and application of data-intensive technologies presented difficulties to campaigns due to the technology’s high cost, complexity and the quick timelines and short durations of campaigns. However, today, Microsoft Azure provides these resources and more with extremely low barriers to entry, low cost, and very fast creation times.

In this article we will discuss a number of Microsoft Azure services and investigate how they can be leveraged by political campaigns.

In this whitepaper, you'll learn

  • An outline of the Microsoft Data and Analytics tools useful to assist a political campaign
  • Insight into why data storage, infrastructure, transformation, analytics, visualization and social data are important to campaigns
  • What Azure services align with campaign goals and a practical overview of how each technology can be used by a political campaign

Political campaigning in the digital age

The success of modern campaigns and elections are heavily dependent on the appropriate application of data and technology. Having a lot of information isn’t sufficient, you must have the tools and resources to mine the gold that lay within. Unfortunately, those resources can be costly and difficult to acquire and develop. Microsoft Azure and its growing array of cloud services make it possible and affordable for campaigns to implement sophisticated data solutions without breaking the bank.

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